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Our beautiful world - my passion for photography

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I've always loved taking photos. Whilst I believe I have an eye for a great shot, I'm on a journey to master the art of my Canon EOS 80D, and be brave and move off auto. Majority of my work is on my Iphone and I have to say its amazing and so much lighter to carry around.

I love clouds, sea, sunrise and sunsets and am fortunate to live in Castor Bay, Auckland, New Zealand, close by the beach, so I will share with you the beautiful scenery that I am so fortunate to have on my doorstep.

I look forward to taking you on my journey of discovery into mastering the art of photography.

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Oct 02, 2020

You have some amazing photos Margaret. Looking forward to seeing more...and yes that weight difference between your phone and a SLR camera can be a bit of a shock!


Oct 02, 2020

Oh ... that was me above ... Annie Muir



Oct 02, 2020

How wonderful, Margaret! I knew you had a great eye for a fab foto! I'm looking forward to seeing this website develop ... get it!


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